Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hot Deal!!!!

In lieu of a new post, which is long over due, I'll post the following. The website had it listed under "hot deals." Makes you just want to run out an pick on up, doesn't it?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

New, with eyeballs

Well, I am neither dead nor stuck in some remote part of the world without the Internet. My lack of postage stems directly from being a bum. Maybe a little bit of preocupation thrown in, but not much. I've been working for about a month now with the contractor that I usually work summers with and doing alot of sleeping. I keep telling myself that I'm going to put up some pictures of the addition that we're putting up but, as is apparent, that has not happened yet. Maybe Monday.
I did get a new pair of glasses I've been trying contacts, so the world is a whole lot less fuzzie these days. I the contacts a week or two ago, and am still trying to adjust to the whole sticking crap in my eye part of wearing them. I now understand why it took Dex a half hour to get his in the first day that he had them. Trying not to blink while poking at your eye is proving to be harder than it looked at first glance.
Next week promises to be full of eye poking and house building, so I'd better scurry off to bed and get some sleep. I feel like and old man these days, going to bed at 10 pm. Take care world.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bergen Does it Again

So, yeah, the Pheonix tubine came apart yesterday. Daniel Engel has pictures and video footage here. The slow motion clip is probably the most interesting, but the regular speed version gives a better idea to the violence of the event. If you look at the pictures there you can see thatthe shaft came apart at a random, pointless and useless hole. There's no earthly reason for that hole to be there; I look forward to hearing Bergen's reasoning. I suspect they will just blow some foul smelling air our way or not tell us at all. Last time that we had a rotor shaft snap it happened at the same spot while the helicopter was still sitting on the ground. Taht time they told us that that was just they way things were, and and they'd send us a bill when they were done fixing the helicopter in a couple of months. Anyway, enough griping. There's also a cool video of the time the turbine caught fire on daniel's site if you go up a directory.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The front yard

John and my Dad trying to plow the back driveway

They call it winter

So yeah, they're getting snow back home. So far they have 12 inches.... remind me again why I went to school in Texas?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well, it would appear that I brought the Texas weather with me - since I've been home we've had only a couple of cold days, and this past Saturday it was warm enough that I spent the day working on the house with my Dad and younger brother. It was nice, but all my hopes for snow have been dashed. Supposed to be in the forties most of this comming week, tommorow it should be warm enought that I can bike down to the library. So good weather is not all bad news.
Most of today was spent reading Brian Jacque's most recent book. I picked it up to send to my sister, but figured that she wouldn't mind if I read it before passing it on... wouldn't want to send her a book with typos or some other horrific oversight. I really haven't really been reading nearly havent been reading much at all lately, mostly just sitting around the house sleeping and playing Guild Wars. I just discovered the how to find how much time I've spent playing, and between both my charecters I've got nearly 200 hours in the past 6 months... kinda a scary thought. Granted the vast majority of that was over the summer, but is still alot of time. Anyhow.
Sorry for the random post, but I promised myself that I wouldn't go to sleep until I'd written something. Anyway, buenos noches, bonne nuit - I'm going to sleep. Take care.